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Doug Currie kirjoitti 25.3.2008 kello 23:27:
On Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Mark Hamburg wrote:

on 3/25/08 1:50 PM, Asko Kauppi at wrote:

Mark Hamburg kirjoitti 25.3.2008 kello 18:36:
The patch should kick out of the integer realm at the boundary of
floating-point precision not at the boundary of integer precision.
calculating 2 ^ 63 should result in the value being stored as a
double even
though it could fit into a 64-bit integer.

But this is exactly what it does. The "integer realm" is signed
integers, -2^63 .. +2^63-1 with int64 mode. 2^63 does not fit into a
signed 64-bit integer.

Sorry. I wrote too fast. My point was that even 2 ^ 63 - 1 should be stored
as a double.

Yes, storing any number outside the range -2 ^ 53 to 2 ^ 53 as a
double would avoid the problem.

The easiest way to achieve this is to only use the int32 mode. It would boost performance on non-FPU platforms, and cause absolutely no behaviour or accuracy changes on double+int32 configured desktop machines. I guess the verdict depends on how much value authors (Roberto place on the ability to carry full 64-bit data.