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Hi all

LuaResip (resip) is a binding of open source reSIProcate SIP stack to

reSIProcate - - most complete and standards
implementations of the key IETF RFCs relating to SIP.

Supported platform: Windows, but may be easily extended to all platforms

reSIProcate supports.

The key goals for this binding were to meet the following requirements:
- provide flexible scripting tools for SIP proxy/regisrar/etc
- minimize binding overhead
- simulate original C++ reSIProcate API as close as possible

LuaResip is a Lua module.
It consists of two logical parts:
- SIP message parser/builder
- multithreaded framework to create SIP applications

For more information see

This software is in alpha state - don't use it in real world projects at
the moment. We public it to see will we have community interest to
it in the future.

Alexander Altshuler
Xeepe Project