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on 3/21/08 8:17 PM, David Manura at wrote:

> local Corge = require 'qux.quux.Corge'
> local foo =
> local bar =
> local baz = Corge.baz
> There can, however, be an advantage in removing some or all of the last three
> lines and, for example, referencing "" rather than "foo" in the code
> since the prefix "Corge." indicates explicitly where the function "foo" comes
> from, and the Hungarian-ish prefix makes obvious the fact that "foo" is
> external
> to the current module.  The "local foo =" is called a "static
> import"
> in a some other languages and its use is recommended only sparingly[1].

When used frequently, however, it can be a performance win since it
eliminates a table lookup. I've started to use the convention:

    local Corge_foo =