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gary ng wrote:
only if the mentioned lua scripts relies on 100% lua
code but I find none of my stuff is in that category
in practice. I frequently lpeg, luasocket, md5/sha1
which are C modules.

Lua on Parrot comes already with several external libraries :
	md5 & sha1
These libraries are written in PIR (Parrot assembler) like the whole of Parrot on Lua. In the case of md5, the C native implementation comes from libcryto (a part of libssl), the wrapper is writting at the Parrot level, so it could be used by any language over Parrot.


--- wrote:
If/when[*] Parrot takes over as the default Perl
implementation, this
will in practice mean that it will be installed in
every modern Linux
machine. This could become a very interesting option
for hassle-free
deployment of Lua scripts.

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