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Asko Kauppi wrote:

The LNUM patch is now ready and tested for Lua 5.1.3, and I'd like to get feedback on how people actually use it, as well as to bring out some complexities found in making it.

First, let me say thanks for all the hard work that yu have put into this patch over the years. I've reviewd the patch and thought about
using it in my pbLua for the LEGO NXT, but have other issues to fix
first :-)

That being said, the mode I would actually use is:


That's because the ARM7 processor and the application
itself uses 32 bit ints as the underlying unit for

There's no need for 64 bit ints in the application.

In a similar argument, I am using a single precision
float library to save space, so double is not useful
or even necessary for the times I need floating point

I am soon going to try out the 5.1.3 source for pbLua, and then I'll
try out the LNUM patch, since my users do want to be able to get
access to floats easily...