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Maybe someone could translate the Lua reference manual to Russian?   :)

Already a few languages are there (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

Alexandr Leykin kirjoitti 14.3.2008 kello 17:33:

Sorry, I am still very weak and in terminology does not accustomed
there, ( "a" "b" "c") set of values with numeric keys, but not set
Key empty values.

The effects of Python ...   :-(

I need quick verification function that is the existence of values in the table:

Now I use a full select:
function is_value(t,v)
  for _,tv in pairs(t) do
      if  tv==v then return true end
  return false

P.S. I get lua-l by mail, and yet do not know how to answer your answer to my question and save threads. Topics will try to keep.