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Matthew M. Burke wrote:
>> I for one do not believe your above response at all; a university student
>> would likely treat the list with more respect and less flippantly.
> You've apparently not taught at a university in the USA :)
> Or, at least, not in the last 10 years!

OT. Yeah, I obviously shouldn't be surprised, since I come from a
region rather famous for spoon-feeding in tertiary education...
it's just as bad here, and everywhere. Granted, everybody was a
newbie once, but I guess I expected more humility and less
bravado. However, blogging, Facebook, etc., tends to turn down
humility and turn up bravado. Perhaps I ought to adjust my
expectations... :-)

As a long time Internet user, it also comes across as sort of a
cultural disconnect between older and newer users. Not to whack or
belittle anybody, but when someone jumps in and starts talking
like a cowboy but showing limited knowledge, I tend to feel more
than a little incredulous. Sometimes we fail to smoothly bridge
this cultural disconnect. Mike felt disbelief too, I guess. ;-)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia