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Hi everybody I tried using LuaJit and Lua's performance increase but using the same option(Jit enabled or disabled at both languages) still Java execution time is better. About memory usage Lua is better than Java in both algorithms!

I post the results:
Lua normal execution
Whetstone: 1.453 seconds;  memory usage: 31Kb
dhrystone: 7.625 seconds;   memory usage: 92Kb

Lua using LuaJIT
Whetstone: 0.53 seconds; memory usage: 115Kb
Dhrystone:  2.452; memory usage: 139Kb

Java normal execution:
Whetstone: 0.125 seconds;  memory usage: 180Kb
Dhrystone: 0.125 seconds; memory usage: 191Kb

Java using -Xint (without JIT)
Whetstone: 0.422 seconds;  memory usage: 173Kb
Dhrystone: 5 seconds; memory usage: 185Kb

Bruno Silvestre <> ha scritto:
On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 11:47 AM, Rob Kendrick wrote:
> Remember that these benchmarks are pretty meaningless in and of
> themselves. Also remember that Java is most likely being JITed, and has
> an integer type, where neither of those is the case with stock Lua.

You can try "java -Xint" to run the Java's benchmarks with JIT
disabled (interpreted-only mode).


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