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We could also split this task (of making the "Internals of Lua") to many authors.

I am rather familiar with lobject and other things having to do with objects through LNUM patch. Some other areas are pretty rough for my eyes, too.

In other words, we could split the c/h files to multiple persons, and i.e. have a wiki area where each file is discussed on a page of its own.


William Bubel kirjoitti 8.3.2008 kello 17:38:

It's probably a bad idea to ask Lua's developers and contributors to change their process and work flow to accommodate our academic curiosities. It would be nice to get their, sort of "director's commentary" and other metadata, but I wouldn't want to see it as an interruption of their work.

Again, seeing the history of their VCS transactions would probably be a lot more interesting and useful to understanding how Lua works internally.