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Steve Heller writes:
> Gavin Wraith wrote:
> <F0F59F8A-C83D-4076-947A-1CF321DFF4A0 <at>> wrote
> >> What could be useful, though, would be a completely separate
> >> "walkthrough" of the source, a narrative tour of Luaville. 
> >I think that is a brilliant idea. There was a Complete Disassembly
> >book of the Acorn BBC B micro, too.
> I would greatly appreciate something like this too.

I agree too[1].  There was a book "Understanding the Linux Kernel" some years
ago that did something similar for the kernel sources.  Maybe this would be a
case where something at least loosely based on a literate programming style[2]
would make sense given the Lua code's small size, low change rate, and wide