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I'm happy to announce a new release of Nancy, my simple web site builder. This version has no new features, but fixes a couple of minor bugs. Get it from:

Oh, and it's written in Perl. I thought it might be interesting to say why. The problem was not libraries (I used my pure-Lua stdlib and LuaFileSystem), but deployment on Windows (I use Linux). I had previously built an all-in-one binary for Windows using a cross-compiler. That worked fine but made it hard to debug on Windows as I couldn't just edit-run, and also broke nastily when the cross-compiler was upgraded. So, I switched to LuaBinaries. That enabled me in the end to deploy only pre-built binaries, but at the cost of having to install 2 binary packages, and then do manual fiddling to get .lua files run as commands by the Windows shell.

ActivePerl does all this for me, and I was already using some Perl scripts in the same system, so by rewriting Nancy in Perl I got down to "run the Perl installer" as being the prerequisites for running Nancy.

I appreciate the flexibility of LuaBinaries, and if I need to deploy Lua cross-platform again, I'm likely to use it. But I appreciate the ease of ActivePerl more. If LuaBinaries had a way of building all-in-one installers from the components you wanted built using the same framework, it would be much more attractive, particularly if it could build MSI files for Windows with some of the magic that the ActivePerl installer has. Or maybe just a single installer that installs Lua and LuaRocks and then uses LuaRocks to install whatever other components are desired.

I won't be announcing future releases of Nancy here, at least, not unless they're written in Lua!

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