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On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 5:50 PM, Duck <> wrote:
>  ...and if one of the file-like objects it can handle is some sort of
>  inter-task message-passing queue (e.g. as used in LuaTask for task
>  synchronisation with and task.receive()) then it would be
>  possible to use the LuaNewSocket library in conjunction with that
>  multithreading library in order to work with, say, database backends which
>  use blocking I/O.

This is very dependent on what the notification mechanisms (select and
friends) in your OS support, or you are just passing the busy waiting
from your scheduler to inside the event loop. On POSIX this probably
means restricting yourself to synchronization methods that use file
descriptors or signals...

Fabio Mascarenhas