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When the dates for the workshop were fixed I extracted a promise from the Mount Vernon campus's dean (who is also a member of the CS department) that there would be space on the MV campus for the workshop. After a walking tour and inspection of the available locations last week, we have settled on a specific place.

The workshop will take place in the award-winning Hand Chapel (I'm not sure what the awards are, but I do know that it won some---I'll look them up before the workshop). Pictures of the building and the space are linked from the workshop's webpage (

Note I have not booked an organist but if any of you have skills in that area, let me know. Maybe we can work something out. I don't suppose anyone's written any Lua code to work on organ (although there were some presentations on Lua and music at the earlier workshops...)

As mentioned on the webpage, available equipment includes a PC attached to a large display (with appropriate plugs if you'd rather use your own laptop), a smart board, a white board, CD/DVD equipment and a sound system. Let me know if you think you might need something else.

A final note, please let me know if you have trouble with stairs! This building is pre-ADA, and for some reason the University's never had to get around to upgrading it. So there's no elevator and no way to get to the workshop space without traversing stairs. I will do my best to manage something if needed---advance notice is greatly appreciated.