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> > > I've been lurking around here trying to decide if there's value in
> > > using Lua as an embedded language for the CMake cross-platform build
> > > tool.  <...>

> > As a side note, when some time ago we've considered which
> > crossplatform build tool to use for our next project, we've dropped
> > CMake due to its "custom" language. We've decided to use SCons then...
> > and now we've happily moved to Lua-based premake. :-)

I must note that we've moved on premake in our current project from
start, and thus we do not have much experience in "conversion" from
one SCons to Lua.

> How large is your codebase?  What does your project do?

We're using premake to build our crossplatform (Linux x86 / Linux x64
/ Windows / OS X) set of... well, complex TCP-services.

Our project is under heavy development, and right now consist of
approximately 40K lines of C++, 40K lines of Lua and a few 3rd party
Lua modules which are built by custom-written premake scripts as well.
There are approximately 15 .so and executable files in total for each
of two build targets (so far, release and debug).

Our premake scripts are approximately 500 lines in total.