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Really looking forward to seeing it in action,
If I understand correctly you can step in to a try without creating/calling any
closures? And so varargs (...) are even valid?

I've never posted a patch, but the page to do so is here:

And it looks like the files end up here:

I can only assume via ftp, as I have been unable to find any guides.

On Tue Jan 29 11:19 , 'Hu Qiwei' <> sent:

>Hi there,
>I just wrote a TRY..CATCH extension for Lua, and adapted it into version 5.1.3. The
>syntax is like this:
>    try
>      ... (block) ...
>    end
>If error occurs in the block, the control immediately jumps to the first
statement after END, and
>the error will be ignored.
>another form,
>    try
>        ... (block) ...
>    catch err do
>        ... (handler) ...
>    end
>Where  err is a variable local to the handler block, which holds the error
object thrown in error(),
>then we can handle the error object in handler block.
>Traditional pcall() and xpcall() behavior is intact. You can nest pcall() and
try..catch as you want.
>The difference is, you can call coroutine.yield() (or lua_yield in C)
in try..catch block. The implementation
>is platform independent. It uses setjmp...longjmp mechanism so it may not be
quite compatible with
>I'm new to the mailing list, Could anyone tell me how and where to post the
patch, or just attach
>it in the mail? Thanks.