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Hi peeps :)

I've had some problems with LuaJIT and large amounts of coroutines
(all written in pure lua, no extra C code in there). Out of memory, as
some may have guessed. I did some searching and gathered that the
default stack size in Win32 might be the culprit. I tried increasing
it to 16 meg using the compiler option /F16777216 (/F and 16 * 1024 *
1024) just to see if it would help, but it made no difference at all.
Am I overlooking something?

I also noticed some people talking about COCO_DISABLE, but from what I
understand, that effectively makes it impossible to yield from any
JIT-ed coroutine. That would kinda defeat the purpose for me, because
my app is heavy on coroutines (it's actually a little demo thingy to
show off coroutines, I'm talking thousands of 'em). I'm already
impressed by how fast it is in pure and unJIT-ed Lua, but I was hoping
to get a little more out of it with LuaJIT.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!