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	Hi Ken

> In a way, this problem is a credit to Lua.  The Doxygen style of
> documenting that LuaDoc adopts simply doesn't work as well when the
> code doesn't sit still and behave :)  Any ideas on how I can document
> automatically generated entities in LuaDoc?
	LuaDoc was developed when there were no anonymous functions
in Lua and even at that time the job wasn't easy.  I am not sure about
what would be the best way to document the case you mention, but I have
the same problem and I do something like:

-- Cria uma ligação entre um usuário e um centro.
-- @class function
-- @name liga_usuario_centro
-- @param db Objeto conexão.
-- @param user Número com o identificador do usuário.
-- @param centro Identificador OU código do centro.
--  (neste caso, o identificador é obtido por um sub-select).
-- @return Número de linhas inseridas.
-- @return Número com o identificador do centro.

liga_usuario_centro = G_liga_usuario"centro"

	Where G_liga_usuario is a "generator" function.

> I've filed a few bugs against LuaDoc 3.0 on LuaForge.  Is anyone
> babysitting this project?
	Yes, I noticed.  I am a little busy now but will take a look
at those bugs...

> Is this the defacto standard way to
> document Lua code or are there alternatives?
	I think there is no "defacto" as is usual with Lua :-)