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So here are a few new libs for you to enjoy (I hope ;)
They form a set of librairies I call Telesto, but just because
I like funy names (Telesto is a moon of Saturn), they are all completly
Quite a few are unix specific (basically all the C modules).

Sparse info/docs/download info can be found at:

* config: This is a module that eases loading of config files
  by using a few metatable tricks to ease lua syntax

* lpc: Lua Process Call. This allows to run a native process
  while capturing both input and output (as opposed to popen)

* luadaemon: Allows a lua script to be daemonized

* luadns: Allows calls to the system's resolv lib to get
  DNS info that luasocket cant get, like MX info

* luafam: Allows to monitor file changes using FAM

* luasyslog: Pluging to lualogging to log into the system's log daemon

They all are under the lua5 licence.

I have submited them as luarocks too so hopefully they should appear soon
on your luarocks repository.

Any comments/bug reports/patches/... are obviously welcome.

Have fun!

PS: I made most of them while making my lua home theater and my lua SMTP 
server, which is why they are so "oriented" toward some specific tasks.
I'll release the smtp server soon I hope (named Tethys, I love moon names...)
and the home theater .. maybe if I can clean it up :)