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Nodir Temirhodzhaev wrote:
> Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo sent:
> "Finalization of function objects" patch for Lua 5.1.2
> What is the rationale for this patch?

For rationale see this old article:
"Generic: Change the Way You Write Exception-Safe Code - Forever" (

Patch is naive implementation of this idea and hint for Lua team.

Has there been any work on enhancing this? I've found a few glitches on another machine that I haven't had the chance to get the code from...

Examples from memory...
Adding a finalizer for non-error then one for error... something 'wrong' happens....

print"-- Finalize on error"
   local function add5(x)
       finally(x, print, false)
       finally("Z", print, false)
       finally("Z", print, true)
       return x + 5

   assert(not pcall(add5), "Error expected")
-- Finalize on error
Z    Z
nil    Z

Another error I recall is when an error is thrown from a coroutine... no finalizers are executed in that case....