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Hi - I'm looking for a simple and robust way to use my Lua+C code from ObjC (Mac/Cocoa).

Have been looking at luaobjc on LuaForge, which appears to be addressing the much larger task of also tying into arbitrary ObjC code from Lua.

What I'd ideally like is a very thin wrapper, so that my code appears as a few fixed classes in ObjC. Many dozens of different methods, with conversion for a range of simple data types. Also a few immediate callbacks from Lua to ObjC, these could be wrapped in plain C calls. No need to use ObjC classes from Lua, i.e. no Cocoa across the bridge and no need to introspect ObjC from Lua. High performance across the bridge is important, as well as proper memory management. Lua will be embedded, so the whole thing becomes a self-contained bundle/plug-in for use in ObjC.

Are there more options besides luaobjc?