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I'm delighted to announce a new release of my little web-site templater, Nancy:

This release adds three new commands:

$root{}, which inserts the relative URL to the root of the site, allowing sites to be fully relocatable;

$run{COMMAND,ARG,...} which runs the given command with arguments and inserts its output; and

$page{}, which inserts the URL to the current page, which is mostly useful as an argument to $run{}.

It also adds the important new feature that Nancy now processes an entire site in one invocation, crawling the source tree to discover its structure. It requires every non-leaf directory to contain an index page, to ensure that the site has no non-existent URLs.

All these features have been added in response to user demand. Nancy is now being used for more complex sites with content generated from other XML sources, and yet is now simpler to use than the original version! Sadly, the increased functionality comes at the cost of extra code complexity, and nancy is now 180 lines long, almost three times as long as the first release, though some of the added routines are candidates for inclusion in stdlib.

In addition one or two bugs have been fixed, and Nancy made only to warn and not die when an $included fragment cannot be found, so that more than one error can be generated per run of Nancy.

[With apologies, anyone wanting me to read replies should Cc me personally, as I'm not currently reading the list.]

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