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David Manura wrote:
> - Warning level 4 (/W4) is now usable following the changes in 5.1.3-rc3.
>   At least this is true in VC2005.  I haven't tried VC2008.

Well, it's quiet in MSVC8, too. But only for the Lua core. I find
it way too verbose for anything else.

But for MSVC8 you need to use the "manifest" command right after
the link command or the executables are unusable:

@set MYMT=mt /nologo
%MYMT% -manifest lua51.dll.manifest -outputresource:lua51.dll
%MYMT% -manifest lua.exe.manifest -outputresource:lua.exe
%MYMT% -manifest luac.exe.manifest -outputresource:luac.exe

(Yes, the *.manifest files are auto-generated by the MSVC8 linker.)

Ok, now you only have to find out whether the manifest command is
there or not, and optionally use it. Or provide two bat files?


Redundant (at least for the Lua core).