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Asko Kauppi wrote:

Though most people would take this as self-evident, please check out the LNUM patch to allow faster processing (about 33% but varies greatly) on ARM7 platform.

I don't know if Ralph used it.  Downside is about 4kB larger binary size.

No, Ralph did not use it, but not because it's a bad idea ;-)

The fact is that for my application, there was MUCH less floating point
math than integer, and most of the use of numbers was strictly for

I did put in a single precision float library, but that was more as an
exercise to see if it could be done. Then I had to stand on my head to
make floats work within 32 bit integer math.

I'll eventually move this to either userdata or light userdata, but for
now it works so I'll leave it alone.

I do have a file library now that uses the very limited on-chip FLASH
in a flat file system with 31 entries that minimizes FLASH rewrites.

You can load code from this file system, execute precompiled
strings, etc.

Lua may not be the ideal programming environment for this simply due
to the horrible heap fragmentation that happens - but it IS just
an exercise, not a "real" product after all. :-)