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"Eric Tetz" <> writes:
> 10 programmers contributing ten different OO schemes to a project,
> with 10 copies of similar yet incompatible code, to be distasteful

"incompatible"?  I'd say "compatible"...

Lua emphasizes _interfaces_, and packages in Lua tend to stick to them,
regardless of whatever other features they have.  This means that
different OO systems in Lua tend to mix quite happily.

A method call is always a:b(...), data access is always a.b, and this is
true regardless of what OO system is used.

This means you can even "rejig" objects after the fact, seamlessly.
E.g., I have a lot of "objects" created by SWIG, but sometimes I replace
them with wrappers in Lua that use a different OO system, because I need
some extra functionality -- and the code using these objects doesn't
even realize the difference.


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