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Mike Panetta wrote:
I seem to remember someone here had a port of Lua to an ARM7 based device (Lego NXP I think?). I was wondering if they ever got the source tidied up so I could look at it. I am interested in porting Lua to the LPC series of processors from NXP and releasing it (source and all) and I am not sure where to start.

That's me, guilty as charged. I'm working like mad on a consulting
project so I can go on an extended holiday to New Zealand with
my family, so don't hold your breath for "clean source" an the next
few weeks.

Email me off-list and I'll shoot the whole source as a ZIP over to you.

I know there was talk of having a couple of chapters on porting to embedded systems in the Lua Gems book, but I don't think its coming out any time soon?

One of the chapters is all about the port. I can tell you that the
main problem was getting a run-time library that works reasonably
well and is not too bloated. Again, that's in the archive too.

Cheers, Ralph