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Patrick Donnelly <batrick.donnelly <at>> writes:

> Unless you changed the environment of the original module function
> (not yours), then the behavior be identical. You've also not really
> told us what _is_ going wrong.
> Because you say that you have the redefined module function in an
> environment different from the original, when you load a new module,
> it will not see the redefined module function (because the redefined
> module function is not in the real global environment). Is that your
> problem?

You're right. Here is the actual code I use for testing (badly transposed in 
my previous post):

  local package = require "package"
  local original_module = module

  function module(modname, ...)
    original_module(modname, ...)
    package.loaded[modname].hello = "hello you"
    return m

  require 'mymod'

  module 'mymod'
  function hi() print(hello) end

And the error I get is:
  lua: testmod.lua:11: attempt to call field 'hi' (a nil value)
  stack traceback:
          testmod.lua:11: in main chunk
          [C]: ?

Thanks for your insight,