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So, if everything you want isn't provided to you, it's not serious anymore?

Since 90% of the web is complete garbage, the definition of "serious web development" is difficult to define, but I'm fairly sure close to 100% of web development done with Kepler has been serious.. (and leading to the conclusion that someone who does serious web development probably knows how to deal with html)

and either way, it's available on the wiki

Matt Campbell wrote:
I was shocked to learn that none of the packages in the Kepler platform contains a function to escape special characters in HTML, i.e. to replace '<', '>', and '&' with "&lt;", "&gt;", and "&amp;", respectively. I suppose the most logical place to put such a function would be in CGILua. This is especially surprising given that CGILua is apparently one of hte oldest packages in the Kepler platform, going back to Lua 3.2. It begs the question: How much serious web development has actuallly been done using Kepler in general and CGILua in particular?