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Another technique is to spell check the query against a dictionary.
The common algorithm for spellchecking is called "Levenshtein
distance" and is fairly easy to implement.

Or, you could do a Lua binding on an an off-the-shelf search library
that already does indexing, stemming, spelling correction, synonym
expansion etc.  Xapian comes to mind.  I imagine that many other Lua
projects could benefit from a Xapian binding.  I know I would use it
in my wiki.

  - yuri

On Jan 4, 2008 8:36 AM, Aaron Brown <> wrote:
> Jeff Wise wrote:
> > Is there a "fuzzy search" function/algorithm available
> > which would show these strings as "close to being equal"?
> There's a technique called stemming that does at least some
> of what you want:
> --
> Aaron

Yuri Takhteyev