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A quick google,

"A macro is an abbreviation for a set of commands, so instead of typing a complicated sequence of commands you can simply type the macro's name. You can either think of macros as a new commands in their own right or as subroutines."


"Also called macroinstruction. <> Computers. an instruction that represents a sequence of instructions in abbreviated form."

I.e, it's nothing more than to save characters, to move expressed logic to a higher level. (read, 'lazy') :)

That's what macro means, what 'luaMacro' specifically adds or removes from that description, I have no idea :)

Eva Schmidt wrote:

at the risk of asking something very stupid:
Can somebody explain to me which are the advantages of using LuaMacro - apart from shortening my Lua code and making it more readable?

Maybe there are some practical examples ...?

Thanks a lot