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I am afraid I did not make myself clear. I was not
asking who will produce the first post of 2008, but
who will enter 2008 first. (That is, who lives more
to the east...)

Though the two things may be related :-)

Easterliness alone isn't enough, however. For example, Brisbane is 153E, but is one hour behind Sydney (like many tropical places, Queensland doesn't have daylight savings), which is 151E.

From memory, Kiribati has the most Easterly timezone, currently UTC+14
(this is so that their westerly isles can share NZ date/time at UTC+13 whilst keeping their easterly isles on the same calendar day -- they used to be split between two days).

One of these eastern isles was renamed Millennium Island in 1999, for fairly obvious reasons :-)

I don't know if there are any I-Kiribati on this list. I seem to recall there being some Kiwis...if so, they have the jump on all of us.

PS: This one really IS off topic, and about time too.