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Looking into my crystal ball, here's what I see past and future:

  * At least two people who don't live in Brazil have written Lua
    interpreters.  I've written two of them.  One of the two is
    actually pretty good.

  * If you believe the future will be like the past, believe that the
    Lua team will continue to bring us well-engineered, carefully
    thought out advances when and as we need them.  As the language
    matures, the time between official releases will continue to grow,
    probably exponentially.  I think this is a good thing although I
    understand why some managers might worry.  Any nervous manager,
    and anyone else interested in the evolution of a language, should
    write the HOPL-III paper written by the Lua team.  This paper
    should give even the freshest MBA a pretty clear idea of what the
    future will be like.

  * If a meteor strikes Rio, others will volunteer to step in.
    I will be one of them.  Those who volunteer will reach an amicable
    agreement and will resist the temptation to add the pet features
    they have been wanting for years.

My next feature request for 5.2 will come in a separate email :-)