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> Lua is the most basic building block as it is, just like a concrete
> foundation, the only things you will change are the things that are built
> around it. (Would you email concrete manufacturers asking for a roadmap of
> when concrete is likely to change?)

Actually, this is often the case.  As building requirements change so must the loads concrete can bear.  In the last ten years I've seen new concrete mixtures come out with different load and thermal characteristics.  There's probably at least ten, maybe fifteen different concrete mixes on the market today, and that doesn't take into consideration the small independent concrete shops.  A big problem in repairing mortar work on old brick houses is that current cement hardens too much and is unable to absorb the thermal expansion of the older, more porous bricks, which causes the bricks to shatter and foundations to fail.  Kinda like it'd be reasonable to ask how will changes in operating system versions will affect postgresql which affects LuaSQL which depends on Lua.  

Ask a concrete salesman what is in the future for concrete.  I did once, and it was really cool because now that the engineering is well understood and new mixtures can be made to engineered specs, the industry is turning to sustainability, environmentally friendly practices and worker safety.

(It's a roadmap for cement.)


"Anything war can do, peace can do better."  --  Desmond Tutu