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Eric Tetz wrote:
"Choosing to use Lua
in your product today does *not* make you dependent on Lua's future

This is out of touch with bidding processes.  Most, if not all, independent contractors have toolkits that make their lives easier.  Those toolkits are based on underlying products.  It would be absurd for anyone soliciting an RFP/RFB to consider a developer that has toolkit based on a product that hasn't been updated in five years.  That does make you dependent on Lua's future if you choose Lua today.

(What's wrong with setting a schedule where once a year a new release version comes out with up-to-date bug fixes and non-dramatic features appear?  As long as Lua keeps meeting this deadline, for even minor, minor adjustments, there's no question about the future.  As has been pointed out, the MBAs aren't going to know the differences behind the code.)

"If you can't justify the use of Lua in a particular problem domain,
then perhaps it really is the wrong tool for the job. *shrug*"

This is either elitist and exclusionary, because you are implying by your attitude that Lua is not for everyone, or you offer offense to Lua as unable to handle situations where PHP and Perl might be considered.  I never questioned Lua's ability to handle the jobs I need it to do.  Decision-making in business rarely involves technical considerations.  Successful completion of the job shows the technical merit of the chosen pieces; getting the chance to do the job has nothing to do with the technical merits of the possible pieces and everything to do with presenting the possible pieces, including the pieces behind the pieces.  A good manager/President/CEO won't take a bid from a company pitching a product without examining the solvency of that company.  Free/open source software projects can choose to reject being held to any determinancy of solvency (in which case they should stop requesting users support them with donations and book purchases) or they can choose to show emph
 atically they are very solvent in non-monetary terms (thereby encouraging support from users in the form of donations and book purchases, like the two books on Lua I own).


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