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Truly, this is the strangest thread. Tim, your company's website says you think Lua is a _great_ language. But your comments here have been rude and self-involved. You're not listening. You seem to want the Lua project to be something it's not. And the fact that the Lua source is stable, portable C that's readable and understandable to any good programmer gives you no comfort.

As a U.S. programmer for 25 years, I've written lots of software (some of which you've heard of) using many different languages, never had a problem getting paid, and never had to stoop to the sad business model you seem to think is the gold standard. My condolences on your situation, but that's not the only way.

After all is said and done, you've raised a valid point, and told us why the unusual open source/closed maintenance model doesn't work for you. The rest is noise.