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On 26 Dec 2007, at 9:16 , Tim Kelly wrote:

MS isn't going away any time soon.

Ok let me play devil's advocate here. Remember Visual Basic? Introduced in 1991, the big development tool for Windows. Support expired in 2005 and the extended support (if you had the money to pay for it) will expire in March 2008. Dead, no more, end of story. MS has lost interest and you are not rich enough to keep them interested - this is despite the amount of VB code that is out there in active use. Sure there is VB.NET except that it is a completely different language and you can't import your source without rewriting.

And this is your example of a good thing?

This is all besides the point, your post has nothing to do with Lua or even programming for that matter. What you are asking for, 'roadmaps', 'assurances' and 'convincing MBAs', is a man management issue and although we may sympathise with the problems you face, Lua, or even C# for that matter, will not fix them.

Are there alternative Lua interpreters?

Pardon? Since when was this an issue? You take the source to Lua and compile your own. I'm pretty sure no one rejected Java because there wasn't an alternative VM (I know that there are now). I'm not even sure that the source to the JVM has even been released. No shop that went over to C# did so because of the existence of Mono.

So when did 'alternative Lua interpreters' become an issue? Please, I am having a great deal of difficulty in following your argument.

I would also like to apologise to the list for lowering tone but this thread belongs in a blog.

Beware of people who agree with you