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Le Mon 24/12/2007 à 16:57 gary ng à écrit:
> If you are running linux, it is quite possible to
> 'stuff' the IR file handle into lua socket and have it
> listened by COPAS(a coroutine based scheduler).

Well, you may be right, but I would like as much as possible to avoid
it because I may need in the future to wait for others events (like
dBus events) where you can't get a socket to give it to COPAS (or I
missed something, dBus is supposed to run on many platforms,
including Windows, and I don't think this would work on Windows).

And, I don't like the idea of exposing the file number of the socket to
the lua program. For me it's an implementation detail that should be

Maybe I'll need to use preemptive multi-threading, but it sounds a bit
complicated given that Lua doesn't provide something that works out of
the box.

Mildred Ki'lya
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