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Sometime on 17 Dec 2007 Patrick Donnelly observed:
>I believe this error message is incorrect:
>> error(coroutine.create(function() end))

and a little later:
>In a related matter, pcall is supposed to return the error message,
>but in fact returns whatever is passed to error()'s first argument.
>Whether this is intended I am not sure.

This is correct behavior, and is even documented as the Lua
way to do more general exception handling. It is discussed
in Programming in Lua.

See section 8.4 (
>Despite its name, the error message does not have to be a string.
>Any Lua value that you pass to error will be returned by pcall:
>    local status, err = pcall(function () error({code=121}) end)
>    print(err.code)  -->  121
>These mechanisms provide all we need to do exception handling in

This does make it tempting to say

	local try, throw = pcall, error

however, despite the missing analog to catch.  I suppose a token
filter could be written to turn try/catch into an if based on
pcall and an anonymous function. The downside of that would be
the extra closure creation each time through the passage.