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And here is LuaRocks 0.3.1, a follow-up bugfix release in the LuaRocks
0.3 series. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback -- please do keep
it coming as it is of great value for the tool's improvement.

About LuaRocks: LuaRocks is a portable deployment and management
system for Lua modules. LuaRocks allows you to install Lua modules as
self-contained packages called "rocks", which contain also version
dependency information. This information is used both at install time,
so that when one rock is requested all rocks it depends on are also
installed, and at run time, so that when a module is required, the
correct version is loaded.

In this release:

* Several bugfixes; LuaRocks 0.3.1 should provide a much better
out-of-the-box experience on this release, especially on Windows.

* Initial support for building modules on Windows using the Visual
Studio compiler was added (building modules such as lpeg already work,
but there is still work to do to get build support on par with Unix).

* Problems with manifest updates in the local repository were fixed.

* The search feature was improved, following user feedback.

* More modules were added to the rocks repository, including the
collection of Lua modules by lhf (with the notable exception of lposix
-- any recommendations on which set of patches to use to get it
up-to-date for Lua 5.1?)

Download links and documentation are available at

Check out the current rocks at repository at

Everyone is invited to join the LuaRocks mailing list at

-- Hisham