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On Dec 16, 2007 8:31 AM, peterhickman <> wrote:
> After playing around with the BadgerFish implementation mentioned in
> a previous post I asked myself "how hard would it be to implement an
> XML parser in Lua?" This is the result, here http://

I was looking for something like this recently.  In particular, I need
something that can take tabular data and dump it as XML.  Thanks for
doing it for me!  In your to do list, you mention handling > symbols.
If you do this work before I do, don't forget < (&lt;), & (&amp;), "
(&quot;), and ' (&#39;).

My particular need is to fabricate XML out of thin air rather than
read and modify a source document.  How would you recommend I do so in
order to preserve the well-formedness of the Lua table?

   Ken Smith