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LuaX included support for both DynaCall and FFI, but the project's ended since several years.

If you want the source, ask me personally. I will look in the archives.


Philippe Lhoste kirjoitti 6.12.2007 kello 10:55:

On 06/12/2007 00:33, Eric Tetz wrote:
I need to module to let my Lua scripts call arbitrary functions in Windows DLLs. Before I roll my own, has anyone written one already?

Ton Plooy's DynaCall routine published in the Windows Developers Journal is a popular solution, I think. It is used, among other places, by the AutoHotkey Windows scripting language (open source) and proved to be robust.

Didn't found many references to it, the most precise seems to be: WSHDynaCall.htm

Beside, if you search FFI in the archives of this mailing list, you will find many answers. Somebody in the ML pointed to DynaCall when I asked a similar question years ago, and some other solutions were given.

IIRC, Neko language as such module too. Saw also a page on Python's way. Both handle callbacks.

Haven't seen a clear implementation specific for Lua, but I might have missed it.

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