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Hi guys,

A semi-official release:

The macro du jour is list comprehensions, using a syntax suggested by
Fabien and implemented with his MetaLua:

    x = L{i for i = 1,5}


Such a statement does not actually require much transformation to be
valid Lua, if you use anonymous functions:

   x = (function() local ls={}; for i = 1,5 do ls[#ls+1] = i; return ls end)()

It's possible to nest these 'list constructors' (I personally don't
like the term 'list comprehension')

x = L{L{j for j=1,3} for i=1,3}


There is also an implementation of the match/with statement as
discussed some time back.

Note: there is a limitation of macros; they cannot load modules,
except with a nasty fiddle:

For example, a simple macro which has the side-effect of trying to
load a module. If one switches off the token filter by setting FILTER
to nil, it seems to work.

       local F = FILTER
       FILTER = nil
       require 'simple'
       FILTER = f
       return {}

Thanks to Sérgio Medeiros for unearthing this bug.

steve d.