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lua: main.lua:31: assertion failed!
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'assert'
        main.lua:31: in function 'checkout'
        main.lua:99: in main chunk
        (tail call): ?
        all.lua:69: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Bah, humbug! I get this, too. Some shell/TERM/readline/redirecton weirdness? Bash overcoolness?

At this point the test script is typing commands into the Lua interpreter and seeing that they work. Ignoring the details, ignoring the Lua prompts, and simplifying to a single command, the script expects to test that if I do this:

  $ lua

and then enter this command:

  = 6

then the interpreter will spit out:


Which it does.

OK, so I started to automate this myself. Like this:

  $ echo '= 6' | lua -i

and Lua spits out:


And then:

  $ echo '= 6' | lua -i > banana

followed by:

  $ cat banana

in which I get the expected:


But when I put the '= 6' inside a file (as main.lua does) and do this:

  $ lua -i < filecontainingequals6 > banana

and then:

  $ cat banana

I get the input echoed, plus the output, like this:

  = 6


So I altered main.lua so that the tests which run commands with both stdin and stdout redirected didn't do 'lua -i < in > out' but instead did 'cat in | lua -i > out'.

That was OK.

The rest of the tests ran unexceptionally, as I wanted to have no doubt they were going to :-) (Haven't tried building with ltests.h yet.)

So the failure which I (and Szabo Gabor) seem to have experienced is related to failure in the _testing_ regime for the interactive Lua interpreter...when run _by hand_, the relevant tests in main.lua all pass.

What am I doing wrong? (I haven't tried in a differet shell. I need to get off to work now :-)