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> The test suit is quite heavy. Frequently, it raises errors due to
> problems in libc (as many functions in Lua rely on a similar C
> function to do its job). So, we prefer not to spread this test suit
> too much to avoid noise. Nevertheless, Lua is well known for its
> robustness. We run this heavy test suite is several different
> platforms; we run the whole test suite under valgrind; there are
> several compilation flags to enhance the testings. For instance,
> when we include the header file ltests.h, that does the following
> (among other things):
> - redefine the allocation function so that all blocks are controlled and
> counted, and all realloc's are forced to move the memory block. We are
> also able to force allocation errors (and we do a lot of tests with
> this facility).
> - redefine the buffer sizes to 27 (a small prime number);

Awww, and I had been so impressed up to that point.

David Kastrup