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I would assume it's mostly Roberto in his office at night, with the versioning handled by height-of-floppystack :)

Gabor Szabo wrote:
Thanks for the link for the test, I tried to run them but got an
"assertion failed!"
I'll check that later, in the meantime.

On 9/27/07, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
I was also trying to locate the repository of the source code of Lua
but I could not find it, not even in LuaForge. If it is available just
I missed it, please point me to it.
The repository is . There is no SVN repository
or anything like that.

this is strange.
so how is Lua being developed?
No version control at all or no public version control?
I would be interested to read about this.
Also why is the official test suit in such an obscure place and why is that
not in the source package?