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This may sound quite ugly...

But my local lua interpreter opens itself (via argv[0] and realpath())
and looks for chunks of lua code that have been gzip encoded. When
found, the chunks are executed in the order in which they are found.

This allows me to append modules and scripts and have a nice bundled

I originally did this by appending pre-compiled lua binaries, but had
problems (because of the afore-mentioned endian-ness issues of the vm)
when I needed to deploy a universal binary for the  OS X.

I currently have this working under Linux, Solaris, and OSX.

If anyone is interested in the "recipe", drop me an off-list email.



On 9/26/07, Duck <> wrote:
> >Thanks. I think we have solved the problem by compiling
> >all the source to "*.luc" files in the same directories
> >as the .lua files
> Though there is no law about it, convention seems to be to use the
> extension ".luac" for compiled Lua files.
> For one thing, it keeps the string "lua" proudly visible :-)