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Or, use this, it's already been "ripped out" :)

Asko Kauppi wrote:

LuaX is a by-gone project, and no longer maintained.

The serial module sources are currently available at "svn://". You will need also the gluax.[ch] files from "svn://". Use "svn export" to get those folders on your local disk.

The module compiles into a regular Lua 5.1 module.

Warning: the code's been lately tested on OS X only. It has worked on Linux and Win32, before, but there may be glitches today. The plan is to release this out as a stand-alone module, your help is appreciated if you want to join in.

License is Lua5/MIT, as usual for any Lua addons.

Thanks, and have fun.


Ketmar Dark kirjoitti 27.9.2007 kello 6:57:

hello, "Александр Лейкин" <>.

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 21:08:10 +0300
"Александр Лейкин" <> wrote:

I search Lua5 package for work with serial interface (COM-port).
i believe that Asko has com-interface in his package. look at

you can use his package or just rip the necessary pars. it supports
Win/OS X/Linux/(BSD?)