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On 9/25/07, Thomas Lauer <> wrote:
> Sure... if you kindly tell me where I actually maintain that *I*
> designed the *language*.
> The simple fact is that I never said that, neither here nor on my
> website nor in the documentation.
> This kindergarten game of trying to badmouth me is a complete waste of
> time. EOT.

Right, whatever, I meant those parts where you go like "you can't call
yourself a programmer unless you made your own scripting language" or
whatever it actually does say. Idle annoys me because:

- it's just Lua with some patches from the LuaPowerPatches page
- it has some modules taken from some parts of the web
- it's closed source

I wouldn't care so much about the above really, but I really think you
take a bit too much credit for what you have there.

I'm not going to continue with this, in fact, I don't really care
about Idle and I'm just going to ignore any future posts about it.
This isn't going to lead anywhere so... here's the end of it