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Hi list,

I just released the 1.0.1 version of LUSE (which is the first version
I announce).

LUSE is a Lua binding for the FUSE library. FUSE let developpers
implement filesystem drivers in userspace. It was originally
developped for Linux, and is now available on some other systems.

Apart from the FUSE binding itself, it contains three helper modules
that could be useful separately:
- errno is exposing the errno variable and some error number constants
- userdata let user create full untyped userdata to be used as byte
buffers for I/O
- posixio is a binding of some of the POSIX APIs related to file and
directory manipulation

You can find more information about LUSE on its website:

You can download LUSE on its project page on luaforge:

This is an early but working version. It is complete with
documentation and examples. The examples are:
- hellofs: a Hello World! in FUSE terminology
- luafs: a filesystem that exposes the content of a Lua table (with
subtables being subdirs, and string being files)
- fwfs: a filesystem that forwards all I/O calls to another directory

Feel free to send me any feedback, bug report or feature request,
either on the Lua list, on the luse-users list, or directly to me.