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#1 I have an open file dialog that starts in a specific folder the first time it is called, but on subsequent calls I want it to remember the folder of the last file that was selected. I tried adding nochangedir = "NO" to the iup.filedlg statment but that didn't work:

open_dlg = iup.filedlg{dialogtype = "OPEN", title = "Open Lua Script",
                     filter = "*.lua", filterinfo = "Lua Scripts",
                     directory=exepath().."\\scripts", nochangedir = "NO"}

#2 When using a multiline element, are there any formatting codes I can put in the text to make a single word or line show up as a different color than the rest of the text?

#3 Is there a way to make a multiline show line numbers on the left side of the frame?

#4 Is it possible to have sections of a single text buffer show up in different tabs without actually splitting the text into separate multiline buffers?