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On 9/14/07, Dirk Feytons <> wrote:

I figured it out.
CGILua runs the CGI scripts in a kind of sandbox. For that sandbox it
removes some dangerous globals from _G:

	-- Cleaning environment
	removeglobals {
	-- Build fake package
	_G.package = { seeall = seeall, }

The creation of the fake package triggers the strict code. In that
code there's the function what():

local function what ()
  local d = debug.getinfo(3, "S")
  return d and d.what or "C"

Since the 'debug' table is not available anymore the call
'debug.getinfo()' recursively triggers itself again until we hit the C
stack limit.

I changed strict.lua to take a local reference to 'debug.getinfo()' so
it will still work in case the 'debug' table is removed. I don't know
if this change can be done in the official distribution as well?

Dirk F.